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Sasha Duguay


Sasha Duguay


As a wife, hockey mom, entrepreneur, hobby farmer & community advocate, Sasha will fight for the rural residents of West Carleton - March.

Meet Sasha

Sasha is politically attune, business savvy & family-centered.  

She has spent the better part of her career in politics at the federal level working for Conservative Members of Parliament; however, she is also an entrepreneur and property manager having started her own successful businesses & made smart investments in real estate.

Sasha is co-owner of QPS Digital (a web & app design & development company) & previously owned Pure Clean Ottawa (an all-natural cleaning company) that is still running across Ottawa today.

Sasha & Christian live with their three boys, Conrad, Conan & Caleb, & Sasha's brother Josh, on their 80-acre hobby farm in Woodlawn, ON.


Making life more affordable.


With cost-of-living increases making life unaffordable, we need to prioritize keeping taxes & city fees as low as possible. Reducing fees & red tape are essential for economic recovery.


Our rural roads need attention for the safety of our residents, families & seniors who commute to school, work, activities & appointments.


Access to affordable recreation activities is essential for keeping our communities physically & mentally well. This is especially important given post-pandemic recovery.


Being a City Councillor is not all about Sasha's priorities, it's about listening to what matters to you & delivering solutions to your concerns. Please reach out to tell Sasha how she can best represent you & your family at the City Hall table.

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Meet Sasha and her family on their hobby farm in Woodlawn to understand why she wants to run for City Council. As a fiscal conservative, wife, mother, and small business owner, she understands the concept of living within our means while making sure the core services we deserve and expect are maintained. Sasha will continue to build our community that was given to us by the generations of honest hardworking people who came before us.



Sasha has had a very strong work ethic for her entire career, both in politics and in business. She will always keep an open line of communication with West Carleton - March residents and work hard to serve you everyday.




A common theme Sasha hears from West Carleton - March residents is that there are a lot of resources devote to urban center projects, leaving so much more to be done for our rural area. Sasha will fight to see that we are given our fair share of the budget to maintain and even improve the core services we count on & deserve. For example, roads, emergency management services (fire, ambulance, police), and recreation.




Sasha is very concerned about the LRT project. It has been plagued with problems, hugely expensive, and going to affect our tax rates in general going forward. Sasha looks forward to receiving the report from the public inquiry and acting on those recommendations to ensure the taxpayers and the City in general are getting the best value for their dollar.




Given the increases in cost-of-living, it is so important that we maintain access to affordable recreation to keep our communities vibrant and active. Thank you to the many community centers and countless volunteers in West Carleton - March for all the work you do.




Farmers and residents of West Carleton have been good stewards of the land and have always practiced conservation with the environment in mind. As a mom, small business owner & hobby farmer, I want clean air, clean water, and clean, healthy soil for future generations.




Affordable housing is two-fold. One is the ability for working people making good salaries to find affordable houses or rent in West Carleton - March. Two is social housing.

We have a supply problem in Ottawa. There are far too few units for people looking for affordable accommodation.

On social housing, we need to work with experts in the field to make sure that families who currently do not housing or are living in motels or hotels can find a permanent home. The provincial and federal government need to come to the table with funding to look after people in these desperate situations. The City of Ottawa taxpayers have always been generous, however, the municipal budget cannot financially sustain a solution to this on its own. As a compassionate and caring person, I do not want to see anyone homeless.




Thank you for taking the time to meet with Sasha or one of her team members at your door over these past weeks. If we missed you, please call anytime. Sasha is working hard everyday to earn your vote on October 24th, and the same can be said for her when she hits the ground running as your Councillor at City Hall. Sasha will fight for the rural residents of West Carleton - March day-in and day-out.

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Sasha's Resume

Work Experience


2019 - Present       Co-Owner, QPSdigital, a web & app design & development company

2010 - Present       Office Manager & Executive Assistant, Federal Conservative Members of Parliament (MP Glen Motz, MP Jim Hillyer, Minister Christian Paradis, MP Mike Lake & MP Rod Bruinooge)

2017 - 2019              Co-Owner, Meet Auto Inc., an online car listing website for dealerships

2016 - 2017              Founder, Pure Clean Ottawa, an all natural cleaning company

2013 - 2020             Property Manager, personal rental properties in Ottawa

2013                         Co-Owner, Crashpad, a home where pilots rented a bed from us instead of a hotel room when flying in & out of the airport

2008 - 2010           Marketing & Public Relations Specialist, dna 13 Inc. (Acquired by CNW Group), a media monitoring software company

2006 - 2008          Office Manager, Paddler Co-op Inc., a white whitewater paddling company

2002 - 2004          Camp Counsellor, Boundless Adventures, an outdoor adventure center  

Volunteer Experience

Board Member, Kanata Carleton Conservative Electoral District Association

CIBC Run for the Cure - Organizing the Political in Pink Run Team

Founder, Nature of God - fitness training center for health and fitness for young women at a church

Commerce & Administrative Student Charity Organization (CASCO) - proceeds to the CHEO Foundation

Counsellor, The Surge Project - missions helping the Inuit of Canada's Arctic


2005 - 2009         Bachelor of Commerce: International Management, University of Ottawa

2009 - 2010          Personal Trainer & Nutrition Wellness Specialist, Can Fit Pro


Fluent English

Intermediate French            


Sasha and her family enjoy a number of outdoor activities in West Carleton - March, including hobby farming (chickens, ducks & turkeys), snowmobiling (member of the West Carleton snowmobile club), ATVing, ice fishing on Constance Bay, hunting, swimming, running and ice hockey.


Sasha Duguay

Ward 5 (West Carleton - March)

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Sasha, I can't volunteer but my family & I will vote for you on Election Day!




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